Our RSA events lean heavily if not entirely in talking to and with each other, listening and responding. As perhaps expected from RSA fellows we seem to be pretty accomplished at this. But maybe there is more to discover together.

What we can see in public discourse is that when people get together to talk it can go spectacularly wrong. Online particularly so. Witness the fury of twitter and other social media where being triggered seems to be commonplace, tribalism is rife and it often seems that making another ‘wrong’ is a default response to reading something we don’t like.

As Chilean biologist Humberto Maturana says, “.. when one human being tells another human what is ‘real’, what they are actually doing is making a demand for obedience. That they have a privileged view of reality.”

This way of communicating leads to difficult and dangerous places as recent times have shown.

So, in this event we are setting off together to explore the process of talking and listening and responding to ourselves and others.

What we may hope to discover is more clarity on how we listen and respond to each other, internally and externally. We will reflect on how this might enhance our own lives and endeavors as fellows wishing to make a positive impact in the world.

About the Author

Hanging around through the last decades has left me both astonished, excited, depressed and hopeful. What a heady brew....

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