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Training Coaches Since 2012, we are a pioneering certified training provider offering highly practical integrated coach training and coach development courses.

We know coaching skills are a powerful go to skillset that add value and create transformative change in workplaces, communities and homes.

We offer training from the ground up for new coaches as well as added value coach development courses.

Uniquely, we provide a whole human approach to the coaching process, and we incorporate a number of issues in our training programmes that other training companies leave out.

Issues such as:

Finding Meaning and Purpose I Managing Mental and Physical Health l Human performance capacity l Resilience and Practical Change Processes l Concerns about Ecology, Climate l Artificial Intelligence l Wellbeing and Recovery and many more.

"Our coaches leave our programmes confident and ready to coach in the real world with real people, their clients who are trying to make sense of our changing, challenging times and thrive."

CEO and Founder, Anthony Eldridge-Rogers

Our coaching qualifications are suitable for new coaches, already working coaches and other practitioners as well as for managers and leaders who have responsibility for teams.

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Looking for more? Want to know how to coach people around all those tricky topics that coach training programs leave out? No problem.

We add value everywhere along the coaching process.

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Meaning Centered Coach

Work with people to overcome difficulties, change their lives, build new futures and thrive in their professional and personal lives.

Connection to Meaning and Purpose affects everything a person does. Who they are, how they Thrive and what Results they get. Coaching using our approaches means you can coach the Whole of a Person's Life Experience and not just parts of it. And that is what makes the difference.

Continual Professional Development  (CPD)

Get out tools and coaching solutions for your CPD

Each CPD minicourse offers Insight, is Easily Accessible and Useful as soon as you have completed it.

Keep your Coach Certifications up to date with our high quality AC accredited CPD courses

Some of the questions our courses answer.....


How do you actually help someone with Mental or Physical Health challenges if you are a coach? What skills and frameworks matter most?


How can you include health and other aspects of a person's life into my coaching practice? And why should I take a whole life experience approach?


How do you know if a person you are coaching needs therapy or coaching and what do you do if they so need therapy?


What do you do if a coaching client has issues with Alcohol, Drugs or Substances or Self Defeating Behaviours? 


How do you coach people anxious about big social issues like climate change, conflict and AI? 


How can HR use coaching to support recovery & wellness challenges in the workplace setting with low performing people?


How can we coach peoples overall wellbeing so that they can develop resilience and good self care?


How do you develop my coaching business when there seems to be so much going on and so much different advice?


How do I develop my coaching business when there seems to be so much going on and so much different advice?

Why hang out with us?

Our team has over 40 years of experience in the fields of coaching psychology, behavioural health psychology, and human change processes. Our courses are evidence-based. We care about improving and fulfilling people’s lives and making the world a better place. We believe coaching is one of the best tools to do that. Oh, and we have a fantastic sense of humour.

Affiliation and Accreditation . . . 

Our course, programs, CPD, and team are affiliated and/or accredited by the following. the Association for Coaching (AC), the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the International Recovery and Wellness Coaching Certification Board (IRWCC).

Our Team

Anthony is a pioneer, entrepreneur and leader in the field of behavioural health coaching, Meaning Centered Coaching and Recovery Wellness Coaching. He has based his coaching career on his own lived experience.


Gladeana McMahon is considered one of the leading personal development and transformational coaches in the UK who combines academic rigour with down to earth communication skills.

GLADEANA MCMAHON - Executive Trainer

Howard is a leader in innovative human experiences and live transformational events. A successful creative entrepreneur and coach who is passionate about helping people change and thrive.

HOWARD ROSS-SIMMS - Advisory Board

What our Clients Say

Leadership Coach/Guide supporting WOC to reclaim their full power & identity

Anthony is a very talented Coach, Leader and all-round human being! I'm in huge admiration of what he is doing with the FRC Coaching  Making good coach training accessible and practically applying it to a wider societal issue. I highly recommend Anthony and the FRC to anyone that wants to become a good coach. 

Anne Archer

Shaping conversations around mental health in organisations I Coaching I Mental Health Education Workshops

I was introduced to Anthony by a mutual colleague and we have embarked on creating a book together. Over the time I have know Anthony I have loved seeing how he is engaging with the world and enabling many to thrive. His world view and drive to make sustained change happen is inspiring.

Business Coach | Executive Coach

I can thoroughly recommend Anthony’s Recovery & Wellness coach training program (attached to the AoEC). It’s an excellent course for anyone wishing to strengthen their coaching skills in the area of substance or activity behaviour dependencies. I especially liked his unique approach for “meaning centred coaching”. I will definitely use this to help my clients regain meaning in their lives, which clearly aids recovery. 


What I value the most is an amazing mix of experience and professionalism with passion and genuine understanding and care for people. The rich content of the course was supported by Anthony's unique skills in delivering the knowledge and a huge amount of case studies from his own practice. Every meeting with Anthony (training or webinars) is resourceful and inspiring.

Head of Corporate Business Management at EELGA

We were delighted to have Anthony as our first keynote speaker at our annual coaching conference (Coach Me Happy - A Healthy Approach to Coaching) this year. Delegates described his input as "Mind blowing", "Inspiring" and "Fascinating", I couldn't agree more.

Wellbeing Coach

I'd like to thank Anthony publicly for an informative and instantly applicable course via the AC on "Integrating Health into Coaching". A timely reminder to explore personal resourcefulness. I've a growing appreciation for taking a moment to note areas, environments and relationships of both support and challenge

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