We are dedicated to assisting all people, regardless of circumstance, to create the opportunities to live fulfilling and meaningful lives.

Our trainings and experiences will equip you with the skills and tools to be an effective, transformative supporter and change-agent for the people you care about in your life, community and business.

If you’re a coach, health care professional, counsellor, nurse, peer-worker or anyone working within the helping professions, we can help you build your practice and build confidence and skills so you can help more people.

Since Covid shook the world there is a new understanding that health is central to thriving. Anyone can find themselves struggling with mental health issues or physical health challenges, and the chances are good that you’re struggling to help your clients navigate these challenges; you might feel like you might be missing a few crucial skills.

Wherever you are in your profession, our coaching psychology-based training courses and experiences will upskill you quickly so you can integrate these issues into your practice, making you more confident and effective.

If you are thinking about becoming a coach we offer transformational training in what we call Whole Person Coaching. This is a unique training course that covers everything you need to know and do to be a confident, successful coach.

The FRC is a specialist training company built by coaches who have first-hand experience dealing with the modern challenges that affect so many of us. We offer a number of approaches and tools to support individuals and organisations to develop recovery and wellness.

Our coaches and those who have benefitted from our courses cover a broad range of coaching specialisations, from executive and business coaches to organisational coaches, transformational / life coaches, recovery coaches, peer supporters and many others from the associated health care fields.

Individuals and organisations looking to build and maintain well-being and effective approaches to prevention of, and recovery from these and other healthcare challenges can benefit from our expertise.

Our Story

FRC Worldwide was started in 2010 and the FRC Coach Academy 2 years later in 2012 by Anthony Eldridge-Rogers 

Anthony Eldridge-Rogers 

Everything he knows about human behaviour and how to bring about change in life comes from his own lived experience. Growing up in a family shattered by alcoholism, trauma and mental health challenges he had to fight from a young age to survive both his childhood, and his own brush with addiction and mental illness.
As a result of his experience he committed himself to helping others overcome similar challenges, and so began a lifelong calling over 40 years ago. What he has learnt, and knows now about supporting and helping people on the ground, is the result of this lifetime of work.
His experience over the years, working with people in recovery, told a clear story and led to a moment of insight and realisation; people who were successful at turning their lives around also lived lives of meaning and purpose. They had a focus and a mission. They had meaningful lives.


FRC Worldwide and the FRC Coach Academy was founded in 2010 by Anthony. He wanted to solve a simple but hard problem. How could people be better at helping other people when it came to problems like anxiety, addiction, mental health challenges, behavioural health difficulties such as diabetes, obesity and so on. His vision is great help by great professionals using effective coaching psychology tools, skills and concepts

ANTHONY ELDRIDGE-ROGERS - CEO, Executive Coach & Trainer

How FRC got going

A major life shift ushered in a period of reflection for him when he started a family in 2003. At the time he was a successful entrepreneur in the media industries, making tv shows and films, winning awards and working with some of the world's biggest brands BBC, Carlton TV, Conde Nast, Polygram, DsTV, MNET and numerous celebrity chefs.

In his spare time he had been coaching, mentoring and supporting people to recover from mental health challenges. Until then he had helped setup rehabs, self help groups and community based projects, but had become increasingly concerned about how people were supported during and post treatment, when they needed to integrate recovery and wellness into their lives.
The outcomes for people with certain issues were poor, and relapse from addiction, eating disorders and anxiety was high. He had already identified the role of meaning and purpose in successful outcomes and knew somehow that if he could help people discover their meaning and purpose he could assist them more quickly and efficiently and therefore produce better outcomes.
He realised that there was a gap where coaching skills and frameworks could be brought into areas that coaching was simply not yet being used. He realised, based on his insight into the role of meaning, that discovering meaning and purpose would be a powerful process and would assist people to complete their journey from treatment to continual wellness.

This was a turning point as he felt he understood what was needed.

But he was frustrated in his search for coaching programmes and methodologies that would fulfil the role, and found none that were specifically focused around the job at hand. Using his first hand experience and drawing on the successes of many of the people with whom he had worked and helped, he decided to develop his own training programme.

So began the FRC, or Foundation for Recovery Coaching, and within a couple of years he had developed the recovery and wellness coaching programme, along with the Whole Person Coaching training, that the FRC Coach Academy delivers. Both these programmes are focused around Meaning Centred Coaching.

Over the next couple of years things developed quickly. The FRC launched and ran the first ever International Conference on Recovery and Wellness in London, The IRWC Conference and he was appointed as a subject matter expert in developing standards for certification in the US for recovery coaches which, in 2015, led to setting up the first ever certification board, outside of the US, to certify recovery and wellness coaches, the IRWCC.

Since then

Anthony, along with colleagues, keeps on working to be more effective. His determination for helping people live brilliant, fulfilling and prosperous lives, even if they have difficulties to get over, has become even stronger as the years have passed.
He is committed to giving those amongst us, who dedicate their lives to help and support others, powerful, simple and effective tools to fuel success, thereby creating the conditions to thrive themselves.

And Now

The impact of the Coronavirus has catapulted the importance of health, recovery and wellness as a foundation for life into world consciousness, and this has shifted the way people value health and community. This speaks directly to the FRC’s strengths and to our greatest offering.

We have a new website, new team members and a renewed mission.

We are always trying to improve, to stay focussed and current. Our core purpose has remained unchanged, to assist those amazing human beings who are passionate about helping others, do more, be more effective, bring more joy, relieve more suffering, and of course to help people thrive.

We are working every day to find better ways for people to help people. 

The Key Team

HOWARD SIMMS - Managing Director

Howard has always been fascinated by the human condition and has applied a lens of humanism throughout his professional life, where he has led teams working in the creative industries of theatre, event production and advertising.

Moving between the high pressure world of touring theatre production and the intensity of 21st Century advertising he has become acutely aware of the peculiarities faced by the creative mind, and the optimal environment for its delicate success.

He was drawn to, and fascinated by coaching nearly two decades ago when Anthony, already a close friend by then, intensified his involvement in the field. At the time Howard was at the forefront of the experiential industry in South Africa and went on to lead his company through relationships with some of the world’s biggest brands like Red Bull, Diageo, Nike, British Airways and Levi's.

Whilst self-fulfilment, self-actualisation and the search for meaning were central to his management style, and he applied a purpose-centred model to his business and team leadership, he was intrigued by the challenge required to align these values with those of the brands he served. 

Coaching became a natural progression and was integrated, as a necessity, into his management skill set as he navigated this terrain with his team and clients.
Covid was a remarkable turning point where the industry that he had worked in for so long was devastated by loss, a deep sense of hopelessness and a desperate search for meaning and purpose. Working with Anthony was therefore a logical step, as old friends they share a history and curiosity for the human journey, and Anthony’s approach has empowered Howard to be able to guide clients far more effectively, creatively and with more compassion. They also share a similar sense of humour, which many people don’t understand at all.
He believes strongly that we are all creative beings, and that whilst creativity is not an exclusively human trait, our species has utilised creativity better than any other when faced with problem solving and the creation of a better world. It is this unique creativity that allows us to envision better conditions, better perspectives and better realities, and he uses this innate human ability in his coaching to encourage a powerful journey of self-discovery.
He currently lives with his wife in a rural area outside of Cape Town in South Africa.

GLADEANA McMAHON - Executive Trainer

Gladeana is one of the UK founders of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching and also helped found the Association for Coaching where she holds the positions of Fellow and Chair Emeritus.

She was responsible for launching the coach accreditation process for the Association for Coaching as well as specialist Cognitive Behavioural Coaching accreditation for the Association for Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapists. She is considered one of the leading personal development and transformational coaches in the UK and combines academic rigour with down to earth communication skills. She has 34 years’ experience as a therapist, 20 years’ experience as a coach, and has worked for a range of counselling organizations as therapist as well as at Director and Senior Management levels.

She was listed as one of the UK’s ‘Top Ten Coaches’ by both the Independent and Observer on Sunday. She coaches CEOs, company directors, politicians and people in the media on how to master the psychological complexities of 21st century corporate life.

Gladeana is an internationally published author with 18 books of a popular and academic nature on coaching and counselling to her name. A former university lecturer, she speaks globally on Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Resilience at Work, Confidence and Stress Management. She is known as one of the UK’s Top Psychological advisers for Reality Television shows and has appeared in over 20 television shows answering viewers’ coaching related questions. She was the driving force behind the production of the “Ethical Guidelines for Reality TV” produced by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

She has always been interested in and cared about people and from a young age loved being around people. Early challenges arose when she was bullied as a child but this served to ignite her curiosity around the choices people make to do the things they do. Her dream was to become an actor but she sadly had to admit that her ambition was far greater than her talent.
After many years working as a therapist with a range of clients and client issues for a variety of organizations, she became interested in coaching. Coaching seemed to offer something that therapeutic work did not: being able to work in a far more open, forward thinking manner to help individuals achieve their personal and professional goals.

She developed a parallel career in both therapy and coaching in the early 1990’s
and found a fulfilling role training therapists and then coaches. The progression to writing academic and self-help books was natural.

She lives in Eastbourne with a collection of cats, is a self-confessed Trekkie and loves Italy and history.

“I have always been passionate about helping others and therapy and coaching gave me the vehicles to not only do this, but also to gain a deep sense of satisfaction and privilege from being part of an individual’s growth and life journey.”

What our Clients Say

Anthony was a wonderful coach even before he started Certification. He is using his intuition, which is spot on. Anthony in not in a hurry, he gives room for things to evolve.

Dorothy West


and team coacH

Working with Anthony has guarantees: 1. Integrity

2. Cutting edge, ground-breaking, thought-provoking creativity 

3. A thorough plan.

Anthony is success, walking! Choose to work with him and you've made the choice for your own success

Emma Pratt

Executive Coach at Performance Path Coaching

 Anthony is an expert in his field and delivers interesting and thought provoking content with gravitas. I found the subject matter fascinating, particularly exploring the body and brain connection, recovery and wellness. I am very much looking forward to integrating my new learnings around health into my coaching practice.


Anthony thank you so much for this learning experience. It got me thinking differently about the topic - both as a coach and as an individual. I loved the bite size chunks (4x 1hr) and the simple to follow models used to demonstrate the salient points. Plenty of opportunities for clarification and even breakout time. Thanks again and I’m am happy to recommend or speak further with anyone who wishes to know more.

Davina Burgess


 .........this is a whole-hearted recommendation based on my experiences of being coached by Anthony, the overarching message being: try it, I would be very surprised if you are disappointed. . . . . In but a few sessions, I have both dived much deeper and mover far further than I had hoped, and I always hope for much!

Amanda Weir


Anthony holds his training sessions in an extraordinary way. I am a trainer myself and have been on many courses. But Anthony’s ability to hold a very diverse group of people is phenomenal. His way of delivery of complex concepts into easy to manage ideas is amazing. He not only knows his subject he has the ability to “be” his subject. He lives what he teaches. An exceptional man of integrity and no judgement.

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