Become an FRC Associate

Are you a coach, counsellor, psychotherapist, peer supporter, holistic practitioner, or working in the allied fields of the helping professions?

Do you want to?

Increase your client base and your income?       

Keeping your client base active with the right kinds of clients looking for your services is a balancing act. Ups and downs affect your income and that can generate anxiety and uncertainty..

Grow your effectiveness with easy to learn tools and skills?

It's a jungle out there. Every week there are more new tools, frameworks, approaches and books directed at you and it’s hard to keep up! Even harder is figuring out which of all these new things you actually need!

Develop a wellbeing and recovery based Whole-Person Coaching approach that integrates with your skills?

It’s not easy finding and integrating new tools and trainings that inspire you and fit your plan for your business.

Have a supportive tribe that supports what you do and helps you when you get stuck?

Going it alone with little or no consistent support is tough. And if you work in the helping professions then the pressure is also often high.

Business building matters for you

and the people you help

This is where we come in!

Benefits of being an active FRC Associate

Here are the key areas where joining us as an Associate can help you


Help improve your professional profile and make you more visible


Offer additional income opportunities


Widen your skill set and certifications potentially improving your client-base


Take you from being a solo-preneur working alone, to an associo-preneur with a supportive tribe that shares your values and social impact objectives, and wants you to thrive

How we can help improve your professional profile and make you more visible

You will get the opportunity to talk about your business inside FRC convened marketing channels and events / blogs etc, supported by us

You will have the opportunity to present at the annual International Recovery & Wellness Coaching Conference, and gain priority access to the conference

We will list you on the FRC Associates page which will be shared in all our networks

You will have the opportunity to lead FRC online events and community gatherings

What are the additional income opportunities?

There is the possibility to develop more revenue from:

The sale of tickets and sponsorships for the IRWC Conference as well as facilitating the sale of other FRC products

Participation in training as a paid facilitator on an “as needed” basis, and subject to your individual experience

The opportunity to submit your own products for sale through the FRC online learning academy, subject to the FRC approval process.

Access to leads received by the FRC, where it may be appropriate to forward enquiries to you.

How we help you widen your skillset, add certifications and increase your potential client base

Unlimited free access to selected FRC trainings, online and in person.

The opportunity to get specialist certification with the IRWCC during 2022.

A complimentary copy of any books published by the FRC

FREE access to a closed supervision group environment

How we help support you and sustain the tribe

Monthly meet up online for FRC updates, shares, idea banks etc and business building mastermind events.

Free monthly group coaching supervision and practice call.

Discounted 1 : 1 supervision from someone on our supervisor team.

Membership of an Associate only FB and WhatsApp groups with FRC coaches.

What does all this cost? In money terms?

Absolutely nothing. Associate status is free and remains in place for as long as you are active within the associate programme.

But we do need your commitment, your interest and some of your time.

What do we mean by an ‘Active’ Associate?

FRC Coach Academy is all about social impact. Better coaching, more people helped and supported, more coaches feeling confident and skilled and making change happen in their work and community.


To provide effective affordable Whole Person Coaching and support to people who need it, whatever their circumstances and wherever they are.

We do this by helping people in the helping professions to be more effective and better supported so that they and their clients can thrive.

This is about ACTION and our plan is to find and support a growing team of Associates who can carry the message and the work out into their community, businesses and organisations. We want you to do well, feel well and have an impact.

We can help you on your journey as a professional, dedicated to helping others through your chosen role.

We want you to be involved which means you need to be active and engaged, Just as much as we are!

Once you sign on as an Associate we will ask you to do the following

  • Take and complete the agreed training products that will get you into our approach and culture.
  • Join in at least one FRC community meet up online, every 2 months
  • Interact with and share content we post on a regular basis, from your unique perspective.
  • Join and follow our social media outlets including, but not limited to our LinkedIn company page
  • Agree to abide by our ethics code and public statement guidelines

If this is something you would like to pursue then the next step is to say YES and take the quiz using the link below. We will get in touch.

Become an Associo-preneur!


Q: How do I get to be an FRC Associate?

You need to be either a coach already or a coach in training. 

Q: Do you guarantee to give me coaching work?

No we do not. 

Q: Can I coach online as well as face to face?

Yes but it is ultimately is client dependant.

Q: How will I get paid?

You will organise payment direct with your client

Q: Are you aligned with the ICF or other coaching body?

Please see this page for details

Q: Can I become an ICF or other professional body member if I take your training?

If you are not already a coach and you complete our Foundational Training Programme then yes.

Q: Can you assist me with credentialing processes?

Yes. We have advisors who can take you through the process and supply you with the necessary supervision and mentor coaching as required by the different boards. There are additional costs to this depending on the organisation.

Q: How long will it take me to become an FRC Associate?

 The shortest time would depend on your particular circumstances and training engagement. If you are already a coach then right away. If you are in training then it depends on the pace at which you complete the required stages.

Q: Do you charge me to be an Associate coach?

Nope, not at this time.


Q: Are there any other requirements for staying as an Associate?

Yes. You need to agree to the terms and conditions of being an FRC contract coach and agree to practice as a Recovery and Wellness Coach in accordnace with our ethics code.

Q: How soon can I start working as a Recovery to Wellness Coach?

Once you have completed the online training programme.

Q: If I am one of your FRC Associates and I facilitate FRC to get a coaching contract how will I benefit?

You will share in the revenue streams from business that you and FRC co-develop. These revenue streams will arise from any combination of the following: coaching services, consulting and/or training. Where you are qualified and where you wish to, you will be able to provide such services as an FRC partner. You will also receive a share of profits from such business development activity.

Q: What are the terms and conditions for being an FRC Associate?

The key features are: You will be required to agree terms and conditions that protect both you and FRC from malpractice, bringing FRC into disrepute, that provide for best practice and alignment with ethics codes. In addition you will agree to not seek or take work from FRC clients where FRC has introduced you as a coach. You will also agree to remain a member in good standing of FRC while you are providing coaching services to FRC clients. Once you apply to join us which you can do below, you will get all the info.


Apply to be an FRC Associate