Key points about FRC

The FRC is guided in its activities by the following;

Respect and self determination

The FRC approach to improvement of human health is based on respect for individuals and communities rights to self determination of recovery/life pathways.

FRC does not advocate or promote any one particular treatment or harm reduction or recovery approach but is more interested in developing an individuals understanding of the options available to them and supporting them in making informed choices about them.

Multiple Pathways

The FRC offers support for multiple pathways of recovery as those pathways are defined by the people in recovery.

Harm Reduction

The FRC sees the integration of a harm reduction approach as foundational to its work. FRC supports the reduction of harm to individuals as a priority and that it ought be supported irrespective of whether an individual has ceased the practice (e.g drug use, over eating, gambling etc ) or not.

Multi disciplinary approaches

FRC recognises that there are wide variety of approaches, treatments and philosophies about how to recover from healthcare challenges. As such FRC does not promote ( or discriminate against ) any one approach, treatment or philosophy.

FRC recognises that certain treatments and therapeutic approaches and philosophies may be useful and provide positive results for some people at some stage of their recovery to wellness journey.

FRC seeks to support the individual in creating and successfully building a life that the person wishes and finds fulfilment through living in whatever way the individual so chooses.

Public views

FRC holds public views only in so far as they support the above approaches and, where it is appropriate to do so, seeks only to offer positive and practical ideas, behaviours and points of view that will promote the success of a reduction of harm and individual recovery.